Address every touchpoint in your customer’s journey from discovery to purchase

Seamlessly guide customers through every phase of buying journey, improving business efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Why CRM?

Close more deals than ever, automates lead captures and engages with your customers more effectively.

Cloud hosting

eSaleSuite CRM account Software is hosted and managed in cloud, lets you migrate easily without requiring any technical knowledge or running your own server. Transfer your legacy CRM practices, seamlessly and replace traditional excel sheet-based systems with eSales cloud-based CRM applications that enable you to access key information directly from the field.


We understand that every business is unique and involves a unique sales process. Our CRM is built with highly customizable fields. Add and custom field like Contact, Lead, Account and Deal through Setting option which can be edited, changed and customized to fit your business preferences. You can easily customize stages and probability value mapping based on your sales process and business.


Promo product companies have unique requirements when it comes to integrating software and systems. That’s why we make it easy to connect CRM with eSales tools, like eSales ERP. Thus letting organizations to focus more on driving new business and less on the hassles of trying to make customer data readily available through a single interface. Also to a wide range of third-party commercial and open source software for fetching contacts making import jobs easy, without duplicating entries, saving time and maintain accuracy.

Sales Forecasting

Lets you know a benchmark by which you can determine whether your results are actually on par with your efforts. Break down forecasts by salesperson, team, and territory to gain insights about your team's performance. Make better forecasts by accounting for completed sales, current targets, deals about to be closed.


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CRM Features

Easy Customization
Customize your account to fit your business. Esales CRM offers plenty of flexibility to support your unique sales process and gather critical information.
Deal’s Stage & Probability
Track the deal sales volume (Product units and price), sales status and the estimated sales probability in each sales stage.
CRM Data/File Storage
Gain proprietary and store data in an efficient manner. Safeguards are provisioned to protect and backup organization’s important data and prevent losses & security breaches.
Reports and Dashboards
Our customisable reporting tools break down key metrics relating to your sales trends, marketing campaigns, and more.
Lead Management
Helps your sales reps to determine the high quality leads to follow up with based upon demographic and psychographic factors.
Data Back Up
CRM data are automatically backed up on daily basis. Data back ups are stored in an encrypted form, and authorised users have access to these data.